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Top Interior Design Trends for Winter 2021

The temperature’s dropping, which means it’s time to dial up the cosiness factor in our homes. If you’re searching for inspiration, look no further. Here we have five top trends in interiors for winter 2021, to get your home the warmth, comfort and freshness it needs this season.

Add warmth to your home this winter

From the growing importance of sustainable materials to elegant elements and a celebration of individuality and uniqueness, these winter 2021 trends will provide you with a curated look that will bring your home into the New Year with sensational style.

Change your pillow covers for a quick transformation

Earthy Tones

This winter’s colour trends take their inspiration from the great outdoors, pairing timber tones with earthy shades. From the deepest shade of grey to the palest pink, the colour palette for this winter’s interior design trends takes its inspiration from the great outdoors. Timber tones are paired with earthy shades, while mossy greens and metallic greys are seeing a return this year. Shades of brown also add warmth to your home.

Change your flooring to a light wood

Light Wood

Lightwoods are a new trend in interior design, their use is increasing all over the world. The modern house is not only about the layout but also about the choice of materials to create a harmonious atmosphere in the room. But it is important to remember that when using light woods, the texture must be considered when selecting the finish for the wood.

Add a planter to any corner of your house

Indoor Plants

Winter is a difficult time to be inside. Those with a green thumb, however, know that the dormant months mean more time to sit back and relax, and that is why to bring indoor plants into your home to bloom. When you have a green houseplant, it brings life to the house. Indoor plants are also a great way to bring fresh air to a room, and they’re a soothing addition to a room that’s been closed up. They’re also a great way to bring colour and life to a space, which can be a nice reminder of the outside world.


A rounded table is and curved couches

Rounded Furniture

As far as interior design trends go, the new year is already looking like it will be all about curves. From curvy couches to oversized ottomans, the new year perfectly sums up the new year’s spirit of dreaming big. The ocean of chairs and couches is getting bigger with each passing year, so why not go with the flow? Rounded furniture is one of the trendiest items for this winter. The modern trend of the moment is to create the look of a more curvy room through furniture design.

Wicker chairs and tables are a great accessory

Natural Materials

Just in time for the winter season, we’re bringing you a collection of can’t-get-enough-of, natural materials that we’ve been lusting over for months. From merry rattan and wicker to sisal and natural wovens, we’re bringing you the most beautiful and functional natural materials to add to your home. The use of natural materials in interiors is something we can’t stop talking about.

Not a fan of following trends? Get in touch with us as we help you personalise these trends according to your style preference. Let’s make transforming your home hassle-free and affordable.

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