Frequently Asked Questions

How is Dezinebox different from other players in the market?

There are several factors that differentiate us from competitor offerings. Some of them are:
• Affordable online solution
• Convenient to execute
• Transparent, with no hidden cost or agenda
• Not bound by geographical constraints
• Not tied down to a single vendor
• Can be used for validation
• Freedom to customize

Is there a minimum or maximum area that you cater to?

We’re open to designing spaces as small as100 sq ft. Our Terra and Zephyr boxes cater to areas up to 2000 sqft for interior spaces & 5000 sqft for architecture spaces. For larger areas, you need to submit your requirements and details and we will get in touch with you

What’s the payment process?

You can pay online as part of the registration process. You just need to select the product and make the payment. Be assured our payment gateway are secured.

What details do I need to send you?

You need to send us the following:Dimensions/detailed measurements, site photographs, and any preferences or particulars we need to consider while designing your space.

Please refer to:-

How long does the entire process take?

Once you’ve sent us the brief, we’ll send you the detailed design in about 7 -15 working days depending on the nature of the work.

Can we gift this service to someone? How does that work?

Of course, you can! Please contact us on

What if I need someone to come over and help me with the execution?

If you need consultation or a face to face conversation about what works for you, we have the option of sending a designer at your place. Our design partners will meet you and help you choose the right designs for you along with execution.

How would I execute my interior design online?

We believe that you understand your requirements the best. Our role at Dezinebox is to help you simplify the otherwise tedious process of execution a design. For Online project, we provide detailed drawings that enable you to understand and execute the design. For interiors, our product is self-explanatory and includes a guided project map showing the execution process, along with material specifications and estimate. We also provide all vendor information for you to purchase materials.

Please refer to:-

What kind of architectural service will be given by Dezinebox?

Dezinebox provides ONLY designs along with technical drawings & three-dimensional images. Architectural execution will be handled by client.

Where do I find information about the materials that are used to make the furniture and other products?

We will provide you with the entire list of products that are included in the package, and also the material specifications for each one of them. You will also get a list of vendors where you could make the purchase, along with costing.

Please refer to:-

Will the design be as per my satisfaction?

We believe in giving best service to our customer. We will assign a dedicated architect to you. The architect will work with you till we finalise the furniture layout. Once you confirm the furniture layout we will start finishing the design. Thus we will be finalising the design only after your confirmation.

Can I keep my existing furniture?

Absolutely, we can take into consideration any existing furniture that you might have. You can tell us what you want to keep and buy only the other additional items that you like. You need to inform us about it in the inputs that you will be giving to us.

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I don’t have my floor plan; can you still provide me a customized design?

Yes, we can, but we do need accurate room dimensions. You can send us pics taken from your mobile and related room dimension. You may also get it from your builder’s website, they generally have it. If all else fails, let us know where you stay and we’ll scout our network to find your floor plan.

Head Office:

Office No. A-311, Shiv Chamber,

Sector 11, Plot no. 21, CBD Belapur,

Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 400614.

Branch Office:

"Gharkul' 6-B, Nagbhumi Layout,

Chhatrapati Nagar, Nagpur

Maharashtra, India 440033

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Phone Number: +91 96 53 62 3434

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