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Small space design ideas

Round Dining Table

Instead of using a big dining table, give yourself some extra space by using a mall round dining table. For a four sitter 36- to 44-inch diameter, for a six sitter 44- to 54-inch diameter, for an eight sitter 54- to 72-inch diameter which will help you safe space.

Mount Your TV

Mount your TV on the wall so you can avoid using necessary floor space.­­ the size of the media console is one of the big space eaters in a small living room. So u can shift the TV on your wall and can use the down place to add a sofa or other things.

Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are like thin small walls inside a big wall they take much less space than the swinging doors and are better at creating separation. And even they slide right into the wall when not being used. These are convenient.

Customize Storage

When the furniture’s became part of the walls you can utilize every available sliver of space, you don't lose nearly as much valuable square footage. And the extra storage under the bench you can build and adjust the space according to you.

Wall Desk

You can create a home office. A mounted wall desk takes way less space in your house as it is connected to the wall and you can even add shelves above it for even more storage space. And you can keep your office things for easier access.

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