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Decoration Ideas for Diwali 2020

Make your own lamps

Origami lamps

Diwali is the time when we can do everything over the top without worrying about going overboard because simple Diwali doesn’t exist, lights, diyas and beautiful lamps outside windows which can catch attention, so this Diwali make your own origami lamps and get a unique look for your home

Use Cup for light décor

Use those extra cups and party plates we have to lay around for your Diwali décoration we promise they look stunning use led lights and poke holes on the bottom of the cups, In a way that the led can pass through it, making tiny individual lamps.

The Traditional look

pillow covers

Cleaning is a big task for Diwali, so as your cleaning switch those regular pillow covers with dazzling ones to make your room all festive and cheerful, do not forget the matching bedsheet to go with it and also you can make yourself a cosy corner for Diwali photoshoot at home with these elements

Include traditional prints

There are so many beautiful options to choose from when it comes to traditional prints. Every city has its unique prints about its art and tradition while selecting covers to remember, always get at least one set of traditional print, especially for the festive season.

Revamp the Curtains

Get printed curtains

Incorporate both ethnic and modern into your home decoration this Diwali. Just like your pillows and sheets, curtain with traditional prints and patterns will bring together the overall look of your home, go for colourful options like yellow and oranges or stick to reds and greens for a very Indian vibe.

Use dupattas as decoration.

We are sure you have a lot of beautiful dupattas in your wardrobe which you don’t use anymore what another way to get some use out of them than decorating your home with Dupattas, they will help achieve that royal look without breaking the bank

Play with colours

Add colourful lights

Diwali is a festival of lights it is believed a well-lit home will bring you prosperity, This Diwali light up your home and add to the excitement of the festival, Add colour with led lights, copper light or different types of string lights like curtain string, crystal bubble ball string or Morrocan ball string and net mesh fairy string and so on.

Make vibrant Rangoli

The purpose of rangoli is to feel the strength, generosity, and it is thought to bring Good luck. Its is colourful, vibrant and personifies your personality use bright colours and elegant designs to make your homes look colourful and welcoming for goddess ‘Lakshmi’.

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