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8 Home Office tips: That will make your home office more efficient & productive

Updated: Oct 18, 2020


A home office is pervasive these days, having some knowledge about designing an office at home is very important because the right space will help achieve maximum efficiency. Everyone has different living situations but the 2 most important things to consider before finalizing the location for

your home is privacy and decent lighting.

Give yourself space

People spend one-third of their lives working and therefore having space while working is critical, do not force yourself into a small area in the corner instead go for a more open area with at least one window and a decent view. maintaining a safe distance between work and personal life is critical, a workplace should be exclusively for work.

Less is more

Stick to basics, do not go overboard with accessories as they can distract you, have simple décor and only keep essential items in your home office and categorize them. Make sure your keyboard, the desktop is placed on correct height, Place everything you need for work in a reachable location.

Colour palette.

Choose a colour you like because, you will spend a significant amount of time in your office, The right colour will instantly relax you and brighten up your mood. Avoid dark ceilings stick to neutral colours, The colour you choose has a different effect on your mood hence choose a colour to get both the aesthetic and productivity like teal/light-blue.

Have Something that inspires you

Sometimes it is difficult to get into work mode when you are at home so have Something that inspires you to think, Keep a piece of framed art, a particular photo or anything that can remind you to keep going, maybe a small temple with a few cherished you own or a picture of your family.

Invest in a good chair

We often seem to overlook at this underrated item of an office and put more efforts into setting up the computer and other equipment. invest in a good chair with a decent level of adjustability, and other features like the headrest, height of the seat, good lumbar support, along with armrests will so much time and energy.

Let there be light

Use ambient lighting that has less glare or is glare-free. the amount of ambient lighting should be adequate if not it will make your computer screen appear washed out, go for an adjustable task light with less glare, Use drapes for your windows to control light during the day

Storage, storage and storage

Have practical addition like storage for the office to get all your work stuff and office equipment away from the desk, you can include floating shelves on walls. Invest in a table with storage to keep important papers within your arms reach, include bookshelves and small cabinets around the home office and baskets to pile on paper and other items.

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