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Top 7 tips & tricks: To consider before choosing a wallpaper

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

The Perfect Print

Picking the right print can be tricky, always go for something that you will like in the long run. Always consider is the clarity of the design while selecting a pattern, to determine the quality remember to check the design, it should be uniform with harmonious colours.

Choosing the Right Colour

Embracing a colour can be challenging, keeping in mind the effects it may have on the vibe of the room. If you want your room to appear bigger, then you must go for cool colours as your background and incase of warm colours it makes the room warm and welcoming

Disguise the Flaws

Wallpaper can help you mask any irregularities and help colour blocking in your space; no house can be flawless all the time a neat and well-applied wallpaper can help grab the attention of the guests some wallpapers can help stimulate the aura of your space

Check Colourfastness

Colour fastness is the feature of dyes used for wallpaper, here’s how you can test it, scrub the wallpaper with a damp towel and wait to see if the colour is bleeding it not then you can establish that your wallpaper is of a top grade which makes them easy to clean and helps maintain the colour longer.

The Thickness of wallpaper

In customary, we misjudge the quality of the wallpaper and compare high density to high quality which is not necessarily true, the quality of wallpaper depends on the quality of the paper and the craftsmanship that is gone into it.

Wear resistance

When doing a water-resistance check its essential to know that the water on the wallpaper should be saturated and not absorbed, because many times it doesn’t harm the wallpaper due to the colour fastness, but the wall can get mouldy


Protection Index

new wallpapers do tend to have some smell which can be a little concerning for our health, gasping toxic fumes has many health jeopardies. hence always keep an eye on the Environmental protection index

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