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Top 7 Pro Tips to Prepare your Home for Diwali 2020

Time to Declutter

The first thing to do before Diwali is cleaning your homes for Goddess Lakshmi to enter your home. Get rid of unwanted old things like clothes, newspaper, broken things which blocks the positivity in your space. Keep your home clean and clutter-free

Light it up

Light signifies Goodness and purity. it is believed to ward off evil and bring prosperity to its surroundings; a well-lit home is said to attract wealth and positivity make sure you add a lot of lights and diyas in and around your house, there is no such thing as too much light especially during Diwali

Doorway Lighting

Decorate your doorway for goddess ‘Lakshmi’ to come in and shower her blessing on your home, add light fairy lights around its frame and use Diya and to decorate the front you can also place and highlight an image of ‘Lakshmi’ and ‘Ganesha’ to increase positivity and ward away evil

Make it welcoming

Decorate the dwaar with torans, made up of marigold flowers and mango leaf or sometimes handcrafted cloth, for good luck and prosperity. Torans are Bright, vibrant and add to the festive mood, ‘Toran’ are considered as nature’s abundance and attracts blessings of Lakshmi Ji.

Keep windows and doors open.

The main door of the house is always associated with opportunities and so let your door of opportunity open up without any obstacle make sure it has free movement and opens up fully. Avoid storage in or around the doorway, make sure to clean the edges and corners near the door


Embellish the entrance of your home and the pooja room with beautiful rangoli designs. Make your own rangoli with rice powder and food colour for a more traditional approach, or you can also use flowers for a vibrant look rangoli is said to infuse positive energy to its surrounding

stamping small footprints

Invite goddess Lakshmi into your home by stamping footprints beginning from the entrance of the house till the pooja room. Stamp the small Foot impressions in order, it symbolizes happiness prosperity and wealth.

Watch the below video for more tips on decluttering

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