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Top 6 Tips on How to plan a comfortable room for Elders

Designing a bedroom can be a baffling affair, considering all the factors from comfort to the practicality of the design. Especially for the elders, there are many elements to keep in mind, which is indeed challenging. If you intend to create or renovate your existing space, here are some points that you can follow.

Height of the bed

we spend a fair amount of time on our beds, choose a Bed of Optimal Height so that the feet can reach the floor without scrunching and squeezing. Remember to buy a bed which is at a suitable height and can provide enough support for both your leg and back

Plenty of natural lighting

Embrace the natural lighting. Sunlight is essential and can benefit the space is so many different ways, it’s a good source of vitamin D, It wards off seasonal depression also reduces the health risks which may arise from other types of lighting.

Clear the passage

Keep the areas clear for being able to walk up to the bed without obstacles. An open space will help in 2 ways it will allow easy movement as well as give the illusion of bigger space. This tip is especially recommended for other rooms at your home as well make sure the passage is always freely accessible.

Side table

Use a convenient side table or drawer to keep things within a Hand’s Reach. Which will ensure you will have enough space to store bedtime essentials close. when it comes to storage, in general, it is smart to keep bulky items or sharp items in lower shelves

Safe floor

choose to floor very carefully make sure they are anti-skid, like Anti-skid tiles they possess anti-slip properties because of the special coating on it, and you can also place rugs and mats with grip on it making it more safe and secure for your loved once

Indoor plants

Keep green plants in the room. Scientifically plants are believed to have stress-releasing capabilities; they are therapeutic and spreads positive energy throughout the room. Some studies also suggest they help the recover faster.

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