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Sustainable Building

Sustainable building is a design philosophy that focuses on the efficient utilisation of resources without compromising the environment i.e without depleting non-renewable resources, making it a better space for future generations to come.

Basic principles of sustainable building

The basic principles of sustainable building are using green materials or having a sustainable approach for designing. These materials are usually from renewable sources, recyclable, long-lasting ones and creating minimum waste & minimum harm to nature.

Advantages of sustainable buildings

Energy Efficiency

While building a sustainable home the focus is on designing it in a way to consume less energy and uses more of the environment and from the environment like using natural light sources, which helps increase thermal regulation and also helps you save cost at the same time making it effective and efficient at the same time, sustainable materials produce more output with less effort.

Cost Reduction

When we use sustainable materials, they automatically reduce maintenance and operational cost drastically. Sustainable building materials include solar roofs and advanced water sources which are durable and renewable helping you reduce cost-effectively

Health benefits

sustainable materials actively help increase the quality of air in your surroundings, rapid shift to urbanization has left the quality of air to Detroit over time making it very harmful and difficult the survive in these conditions. Sustainable materials combined with new technologies possess features like filtrations, insulation and exchange of air from outside to inside etc