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Interior Design Trends 2022

Neutral furniture will get a modern twist.

Customers will switch from cream, white, ivory sofas and upholstered pieces to earthy neutrals such as camel, brown, taupe, rust, and sage.

These warmer colours will help to create more cosy spaces.

Colour will warm up homes in 2022

Colours play a significant role in interior design. So we feel that bright, happy, citrus colours will be high in 2022—like true green, cheerful yellow, or punchy orange to brighten their rooms.

Antique furniture is making a comeback.

After trending in 2021, modern furniture will give way to Antique furniture. We feel antiques will replace modern furniture in 2022. A revival of antiques is on the horizon & antiques will start to take centre stage.


Did you know!!

Interior design has been present since the prehistoric era. We might consider drawings on walls of the ancient cave as a form of communication and a way of decorating a space.


Textured furniture will trend.

Furniture pieces covered in textured, cosy fabrics that are super soft and aesthetically pleasing will be trending in 2022. Also, furniture made with performance fabrics, which are materials that are easy to clean and practical

Biophilic Design will continue

With home-office seems to be on in 2022, there will be an increase in nature-based or biophilic designs usage. The main aim will be to bring nature inside or freshen the home with natural hues, and live plants will become even more popular.

Natural Lighting will be on

In 2022, we are going to spend more time in the home. So high ceiling & large windows are necessary. It will enhance the outside views and provide more daylight, an effective stress buster.

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