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How to design your Terrace Garden

Having a big spacious terrace is a luxury we all hope to have. But once we do get that, the biggest question is what to do with it? Keeping the openness and freshness intact while also making it a private and comfortable area can be a task.

modern terrace, terrace dining, terrace set-up
A cosy dining and bar table setting in the terrace

Here are some of our top design tips to consider while designing your home terrace!

plants, pots, trees for terrace garden, greenery
Surround your terrace with greens

Create a leafy enclosure

By concentrating all of the planting around the edges of the terrace, it creates the feeling of all-enveloping greenery, while still leaving a good sized area in the centre for a table and chairs. Depending on the size of your terrace, you can use small pots and planters or even bigger trees to make it as appealing as you wish.

bamboo wall, terrace garden
A bamboo wall can also be used as a partition

Build a Bamboo Wall

A bamboo wall helps to create a private space while adding a the touch of nature to the balcony design. You can also add some hanging lights on the same. However, ensure you have some drapes around the bamboos to make sure the they're safe even during monsoons. To supplement this wall, you can also place some tiny plants around it.


mini-bar, terrace bar, modern terrace designs
Add a modern twist to your terrace with this mini-bar

A Modern Mini-bar

You don't really need a big space to lounge in your terrace with friends and maybe even host a party. This mini-bar set up is perfect for that. Even with a comparatively smaller space, you can create a comfortable, sleek and stylish seating. The bar unit also provides extra storage.

fake grass, grass carpet, grass for terrace
Faux grass carpets are a popular choice

Use Grass

Adding faux grass flooring is a common practice for terrace designs, but you can take it up a notch by creating a grass wall design as well. These faux grass carpets are easily available in the market and are pocket-friendly. Add a few wicker chairs and a table to enjoy your terrace garden with the view.

hanging plants, hanging pots, small plants for terrace garden
Hanging plants save floor space in your terrace

Add hanging plants

You can use metallic fixtures over the terrace railing to place some pots and plants. This can be useful for small terraces where you don't want to occupy the floor with pots. Use plants with colourful flowers to make your garden more vibrant.

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