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How to design Modern Living Room

We are sharing with you some design ideas for the modern living room. We are sure you will find it helpful & use them in decorating your living room.

Decide the Mood Board

The important thing in decorating any room is finalising the Mood board of the room. It involves deciding the colour tones, furniture pieces, decor items etc.


Ceiling plays a vital role in the decor so be clear what kind of ceiling you go for. We suggest a dual-tone ceiling. A mix of wooden & white will reduce the heaviness of wooden colour, but the white colour will give the decor a sophisticated look.


Always have two curtains for any room - one neutral tone blackout curtains & other is a sheer curtain. Remember, a sheer curtain is a must as it will let maximum daylight enter the living room throughout the day.


A selection of wallpaper is critical for designing the living room as it covers a wide area of the main wall. In addition, a subtle wallpaper gives that zen & calming effect.


Modern Interior Theme - Modern design has a monochrome & neutral color palette, simple yet clean lines, minimalistic , natural materials like wood and natural light.


Sofa Storage

A practical tip for you is to give storage pockets on the sofa sides. Otherwise, the newspapers & magazines will lie all over the living room. Smart pockets will take care of it & help you organise your favourite books & magazines.

Central Table

A central table is a must furniture unit. Go for a big central table & keep it simple. Decor it with artefacts, candles & coffee table books. Don't use glass or fragile decor pieces on it.


A rug is a balancing act for a living room. Mostly we go for subtle & neutral warm colours for walls & furniture, so you can add a colourful rug to balance the decor. Rugs are not directly visible but make sure you go for textured rugs & not for single & vibrant colour rugs.


One accent chair is necessary. Always use a highlight colour for it. But, ensure you don't use very vibrant, light or any other colour outside the mood board. Remember to place it so that you can use it & face the guests.

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