Five Tips to Design House like an Architect in 2022

Building our own house is everyone dream. There are a few basic things we should keep in find while designing the bungalow or villa. Unfortunately, most designers ignore many things. We hope this article will surely help you plan your home well.

Step 1. Geo or Location-based Planning

Keeping the Sun, Wind, Rain, i.e. location or Geo-based planning of the space, is critical. The design of the house has to respect the location it is based out of.

For ex - Make sure all rooms face the right direction according to the sun path. For example, the main living area should be southwest, the kitchen should be east, and the bedrooms should be private.

Step 2. Floor Planning with Natural Elements

The next most ignored part in architecture is floor planning. Every floor plan should be as per family requirements. It should be functional & yet practical.

Another thing that can enhance the house is having natural elements inside the home. You can improve it will a lotus pond at the entry, a courtyard at the centre, water bodies in the middle of the house or a skylight.

Step 3. Open Kitchen & Dining layout with a Storage

With pandemic time, most of our time is spent in the dining & kitchen area. So we suggest open planning for this space.

So, an open kitchen with a dining area is a good option. Another thing that we will advise is a plan for a storage room with the kitchen. At the current time having good storage is a must. This will also bring down the cost of a modular kitchen, and you get ample independent storage as well.


Did you know ????

The architecture was once an Olympic sport! From 1912 to 1952, five creative arts categories were awarded medals by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).


Step 4. Ceiling height of the Home

Frankly, a double-height living room looks lavish & it also helps cool down the house's temperature. But it makes you sacrifice a room on the first floor.

But if you are not in favour of it, we will always suggest you have a ceiling height of more by a foot or two. Adding more height to your living room will give it a spacious look & many times, it provides flexibility with the false ceiling designs.

Step 5. Play of Nature Elements

Focusing just on Vaastu is not sufficient; you should also see the play of Nature elements in the space. Ensure daily sunlight comes to your room, preferably the morning sunlight. Natural light cuts down the need for artificial light and can save energy and money. Also, ensure the home is breezy, and wind comes and goes out, giving a cooling effect to your home.

We hope you will follow these few tips in your home planning. But, if you need more information or need help with designing your home. Let us know.

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