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Feeling living room cluttered, wish to have minimalistic décor?

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Have plenty of open space

Go for a muted colour pallet.

The aim is to stick to a colour story of muted pastels. Muted colours automatically open up the room and give it an illusion of a bigger space. When it comes to decluttering, its essential to have enough space for existing furniture without crowding the room. The light colour helps achieve the same. Thus, you can decorate with colour while still being understated.

Create space using mirrors.

Mirrors are great for so many reasons they reflect light & also they open up spaces. Using a mirror as décor will instantly create an illusion of space by reflecting light & doubling up your interior space. We hang mirrors based on available wall space. But before you hang, a mirror is essential to have a strategy about what will be reflected in it.

Go for a wall-mounted TV unit.

A wall-mounted Television is always going to be the better option for a clutter-free living space. Fix an MDF panel to the wall and mount your Television screen & free-floating shelves on the wall. The space-saving shelves will allow for storage without taking up too much-needed space.

Add storage near the Ceiling.

Wall and ceiling overhead storage lift to maximize your unused vertical space along with freeing up the floor space & the same time carefully camouflage it. With the walls at the top of the living room, can be used as storage without making space look cluttered Off.

Work with the lighting.

Use Ambient light

Ambient lighting illuminates a room in a uniform, unfocused, and the indirect manner. It is a soft glow radiating your space just enough for you to function without causing a harsh glare. General ambient indoor lighting includes Chandelier, Track light, Table lamp, Floor lamp, Ceiling mounted fixture, Traditional recessed fixtures and/or LED down-lights, Wall-mounted fixture.

Hanging pendant light

Pendant light just like the mirror has two functions, it lights up the room and doubles itself as an elegant décor piece. Find a pendant light that complements your interior design with vibe - like modern European pendants, modern farmhouse pendants, art deco pendants, ultra-modern pendants, and more.pendants, and more.

Have one statement piece per room.

Let it stands out.

A statement piece in home décor is the one that catches everyone's attention in the house. It can be wall art, a painting, a showpiece, a statue, etc. Try to have one piece per room. To make your decor stick out, you have to think outside the box and have multipurpose things that will depict your character in your style. It is imperative to understand why we should be highlighting one piece, as rightly said by Hayes "If everything is special then nothing is special," so have one statement piece per wall.

Follow the Rule of three.

We mostly overdo with the mixing and matching it is important to try and stick to one colour family for all your furniture, which makes it cohesive incorporate. The rule of three which simply means having 3 items of the same colour and move away for it towards another colour from the same family so patterns will be more aesthetically pleasing. then they appear in groups of three.

Add texture and colour through the upholstery

Add colour through the upholstery.

Upholstery comes in an endless variety of forms, colours, and texture, and they are your best ally when it comes to adding a personal touch to your interior decor. Cushions give a cosy feeling to any room, not just on your couch. The primary purpose is to merge form with function. Upholstery will transform your space, add softness, but also beautifully bring together the overall look.

Don't overlook the Textiles.

Always consider how a fabric or leather may age over time. Some fabrics are casual, while some look more formal. Choose the material that echoes your style. Upholstery fabric can be made from any thread or yarn that is knitted into a textile. The assortment of upholstery textures to browse is broad, and it's in every case best to pick a shading plan or hope to begin with as an approach to limit the alternatives. Anyway, some factors need consideration before purchasing an upholstery texture.


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