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Easy style shortcuts to making your Balcony Beautiful!

Updated: May 27, 2020

Create an elevated oasis

When it comes to outside space, size isn't everything. The average balcony may only measure a few square feet, but with some smart solutions, a few wow-factor design flourishes and a good dose of creative thinking, even pocket-sized decks can feel like heavenly hideaways. Take a look at these top style ideas and transform your terrace from bland balcony to elevated oasis.

Be bold with color

A hit of strong color will instantly inject personality into your elevated space. This exotic and adventurous pink is offset beautifully against contrasting dark or black furnishings. Paint a feature wall or alcove for an inviting snug to recline in and soak up the summer sun.

Pot up the walls

If you're short on space but yearning for your own green retreat, consider fixing plant pots to the walls too. Secure your shrubs safely with a wall-mounted bracket for your very own stylish floating garden. Make sure you opt for plants with small root systems, or you might find a few try to make a break for it...

Plump for pastel shades

Cheer up a compact patio space with bistro furniture in soft and breezy pastel colors. These pretty metal chairs are a practical purchase too as they can be folded away when more space is required. Accessorize with plants that feature pink and peach leaf variegations for a colorful and coordinated outdoor scheme.

Hang around in style

When square footage is in short supply, hanging seating is a space-savvy furniture choice. This white geometric chair creates a show-stopping focal point on a pocket-sized balcony. Embrace a carefree desert aesthetic and pair with cactus, seagrass planters and rough plastered walls in warm romantic shades.

Lay decking tiles

Easy and affordable, wooden jigsaw-style tiles are a great addition to cover up a bland concrete floor. A pretty straightforward DIY project that can be completed in a weekend, it's an instant way to modernize a tired balcony. You can add Wood Sheesham Wood Patio Foldable Coffee Table and Chair

Style it Scandi

For a cozy terrace come summer or winter, take inspiration from the chic Scandi palette. Create a window seat from salvaged wood and leave decking exposed and rustic. Scatter white lanterns and throw in neutral fur blankets and cushions for a cool, snug space that can brave chillier evenings too.

Display your foliage

If you don't want to clutter the floor with pots, display your plants on a recessed ledge instead. Create a vibrant display with a range of plant varieties in mismatched pots. In warmer months, indoor plants should be just as happy as outdoor species in a sheltered spot – just make sure they're the kind that thrives in low light.

Embrace natural textures

Earthy tones and textures will create a harmonious space to recline and relax. Set the mood with a wall-mounted wood screen and pair with woven furnishings. Accessorize with terracotta pots and hanging greenery for added rustic flair.

Experiment with levels

If your balcony is pocket-sized, one way to make it feel larger is to play with the height of your furnishings. Here, an outdoor sofa sits raised on a wooden palette while a hanging chair is suspended from the awning. Paired with a low coffee table and raised plant pots, this elevated terrace feels spacious and airy.

Go for a laidback lounge vibe

Embrace a funky retro theme with relaxed low-level seating. These models, made from white UV-stabilized plastic, will not only last longer in direct sunlight but also add bags of character to a simple balcony space. Accessorize with Bluetooth speakers so you can blast that chill tunes playlist...

Mimic the Med

Why dream of holidays in the sun when you can recreate the atmosphere at home? String up fairy lights and bunting, scatter floor-cushions and relaxed seating, dot about storm lanterns for ambience, and you could be somewhere warm and exotic, minus the jet-lag. The trick here is to use chic muted tones and bleach-white fabrics for a cool, calming vibe.

Make it modern and minimalist

A minimalist space needn't be bland or lifeless. Concrete walls are a great base for a Scandi-inspired balcony, adding texture and depth to a crisp, clean scheme. Natural materials like this warm wooden bench offset the crisp white wire table and chairs for a beautifully balanced design.


e innovative

No space? No problem. This wall-hung bistro table is a compact size and folds away when not in use. Made especially for balconies, it slots over railings to make the most of a small outdoor space.

Pop up a parasol

If your balcony is exposed to the full sun, an elegant parasol will help keep your space useable in the hot summer months. A matching cream bistro table and paper lanterns complete this romantic shaded space.​


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