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6 Tips for Kids Room: All you need to know before designing your Kids Room

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Keep it simple

Less is always more, leave enough space for kids to walk around and play. The most important things to consider while designing kids room is the safety of the kids, make sure not to include heavy or sharp items in the design.

Make use of every corner

There are many things a kid need while growing up and while making a space for them make sure it can accommodate these different aspects and utilize the area in a creative way you can include canopy or tents and make a corner for them to spend time

A cozy study corner

kid and their homework come with a challenge and so try to make an exciting study corner you can use the walls in a creative way which can act as fun but at the same time teach them something add comfortable chairs and tables with storage for their books etc

Add creative playing space

Creating a fun space especially in a small room can be difficult, but you can always get unique multipurpose furniture’s like a glamping bunk bed or loft bed which is a perfect fit for kids room, you can also add window seats for additional space that they can use

Create an Interactive space

Kids are curious, and so their room must be an interactive space with the option to explore, infuse their room with imaginations & magic with fairy lights and glow in the dark ceiling stars, for a fairy themed room and a galaxy of adventure room respectively.

Play with Colours

kids love colours, yet it is essential to understand to find the right balance, sure kids love their pinks and blues but make sure to balance it with another simple neutral setting. Keep the walls plain accessorize with bright colours; this will help in the long run.

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