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5 pro tips; To enhance lighting at your home.

Daylight Integrations.

While designing your space, try placing the most used furniture piece in the area with the most sunlight reach. Natural lighting will reduce the production of harmful bacteria and organisms that can grow in any house. Sunlight recognized as a natural disinfectant, it will also help save electricity

Size and Space.

In case you have a larger space, you'll need a larger fixture; make sure the size proportions are correct. Understand the Size and space of your place to enhance the lighting; we can create an opening, i.e. a window, a skylight or a fixed window based on the Size of the house's areas.

Occupant's age.

The age of the occupant is a factor that we generally overlook. Ideally, while designing the house, we should consider the rooms used by a member of the family. His/her likes and dislikes and consider their health for designing the lighting and place the windows accordingly.

Ceiling Height and Shape.

An increase in the ceiling's height means an increase in the room's overall Size, which means the lighting requirement for that space will increase. We can play with various kinds of lighting in these cases, like hanging lights or creating skylights.

Colour of Walls and Furniture.

One of the most crucial factor to enhance your interiors is to choose a kind of lighting which will enhance the features of the walls and furniture in your house. go for furniture and wall colours that will reflect light effectively without taking away from the theme and style of your home

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