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10 Ways To Better Utilise Space In Your House !

Updated: May 27, 2020

Space saving is no longer a trend reminiscent only of small homes. As efficient home design never goes out of style, and as we accumulate more stuff than we throw out, each room grows with our taste and years. Saving space allows you to live large, using the square footage to its utmost. 

Here are a few furnishings and ideas to help you do just that.


These tables, apart from having aesthetic appeal, are utilitarian, hardworking sets that save floor space when you need to, but can spread out to form a large coffee table, or individual side tables, when necessary. When these are made with glass tops, they occupy even lesser visual space.


Floor shelves are not the only sort of shelving that can be used. Never underestimate the utility of walls to double up as shelf space. Storage walls can incorporate niches, seating, desk space, closet space and also act as room dividers.


Rolling carts are extremely efficient products; multifunctional enough to act as side tables during the day, to a home bar during parties and even as additional counter space in the kitchen. They can easily be pushed to wherever required or even into a dingy cabinet when you want it out of sight.