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10 Ways To Better Utilise Space In Your House !

Updated: May 27, 2020

Space saving is no longer a trend reminiscent only of small homes. As efficient home design never goes out of style, and as we accumulate more stuff than we throw out, each room grows with our taste and years. Saving space allows you to live large, using the square footage to its utmost. 

Here are a few furnishings and ideas to help you do just that.


These tables, apart from having aesthetic appeal, are utilitarian, hardworking sets that save floor space when you need to, but can spread out to form a large coffee table, or individual side tables, when necessary. When these are made with glass tops, they occupy even lesser visual space.


Floor shelves are not the only sort of shelving that can be used. Never underestimate the utility of walls to double up as shelf space. Storage walls can incorporate niches, seating, desk space, closet space and also act as room dividers.


Rolling carts are extremely efficient products; multifunctional enough to act as side tables during the day, to a home bar during parties and even as additional counter space in the kitchen. They can easily be pushed to wherever required or even into a dingy cabinet when you want it out of sight.


Spaces like corners and those made redundant by doors, can be better utilised by designing sliding doors. Preferring sliding doors over the extravagant ornateness of hinged French windows, opens up an expanse of otherwise neglected space and amps up the sleekness of the design in the process.


A bench, or long, backless seating.  The simplicity of this design doesn’t dictate the way it should be used, or limit its utility, allowing it to function in a variety of arrangements from seating upto three people at the dining table to being used both ways, to face either the dining or the living to also working as a table when required.


Be creative about hanging your furnishings, and do it wherever possible. The waste bin being hung in the toilet can save floor space. Similarly the handwash on the wall, saves the counter space near the sink. Opt for wall lights, rather than elaborate lamps where unnecessary. If recessed into a wall, a study table takes up no space at all when it’s not in use, but quickly folds down when needed.


Store wherever possible. Buy basket organizers to store multiple items neatly and efficiently. A bed equipped with large drawers underneath can help store off-season clothes and blankets. If your beds don’t already have that utility you can buy or build under-bed cabinets to slide under it.  Also apart from the storage under stairways, in a novel approach staircases can also be made to house storage under each tread.


Did you know you can use the stove top as additional counter space in a small kitchen? So why don’t we? Because we don’t question the norms of functionality. Reanalyse every surface in your home for potential of its multifunctionality.


Another functionality that must be explored – Foldability. Now this might be for the smaller spaces that require you to be thrifty, but there’s no denying that Murphy beds, Piana chairs and drop-leaf tables have a charm all their own. One of the best ways to make space in a small room is to install a Murphy bed, a bed that folds up into a cabinet when it’s not being slept in.


And last but not the least, possibly the hardest one to adhere to, is actually disposing of unused clutter. Items that haven’t been used for years but take pride of place on our shelves, eating up valuable storage place. Organize them – Items used intermittently, items not used but of sentimental value (these need not be within reach), items to give away and items to throw.

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